Q: "Is there a fee to join Blades & Bristles?"
A: "There are NO membership fees at Blades & Bristles! You only pay for the products you order and our subscription packages for razors and brush heads can be cancelled at any time."

Q: "My razor handle broke,how do I get a new one?"
A: "Our subscription allows for a replace handle if yours happens to break. Please either call us at (609)801-2919 or send us an email support@bladesandbristles.com and we will have a new handle out to you asap. Please include your name and subscription id number which can be found in your "My Account" section of the website.

Q: "How do you support servicemen and women?"
A: "Each month, we select a different charitable organization that benefits military veterans, active troops, police, firefighters, medical service professionals, teachers or other "everyday heroes". During that month, a portion of all sales of Blades & Bristles products and packages will be donated to that organization. "Hygiene for Heroes" isn't just our slogan - it's a philosophy we firmly stand behind. We will always give back to those who protect our country, our families and our lives."

Q: "Can I suggest or recommend a charity for Blades & Bristles to support?"
A: "Absolutely - "Click Here" to recommend a charity."

Q: "How can I cancel my order or subscription?"
A: "There is no obligation or contract to subscribe to our razor or brush head refill packages. To cancel your subscription or delete your account, simply click "My Account", Click "Subscriptions" in the left navigation menu, Click the "View" button and lastly click "Cancel"

Q: "Has my order shipped? Can I track my order?"
A: "After placing an order, you will receive a confirmation email at the address you used to register your account. You'll also be notified when your order has shipped with any other pertinent information (tracking info, etc.)"

Q: "I have another question - who can I contact?"
A: "Visit our Contact page - we'd be happy to help!"