Military Care Package - General Rank
Military Care Package - General RankHero Razor - Men'sHero Bristles Recycled Paper Handlemens-shave-cream-flag-bgTrim Catching Nail ClippersSteripod - Toothbrush SanitizerHigh Quality Steel TweezersOrganic Lip Balm
Military Care Package - General Rank Military Care Package - General Rank Hero Razor - Men's Hero Bristles Recycled Paper Handle Trim Catching Nail Clippers Steripod - Toothbrush Sanitizer High Quality Steel Tweezers Organic Lip Balm

Military Care Package – General Subscription

Premium Hero Razor Handle
Razor Holder/Stand
4 Pack of Razor Blades
All Natural Shaving Cream
Hero Toothbrush
Toothbrush Sanitizing Pod
All Natural Lip Balm
Trim Catching Nail Clippers
Premium Steel Tweezers

From: $40.00 / Per Month

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We have put together the perfect hygiene military care package for our serving brethren. It includes a Hero Razor Handle, with custom Holder/Stand, 4 high Quality Steel Blades, All Natural Shaving Cream, Hero Toothbrush, Toothbrush Sanitizing Pod, Trim Catching Nail Clippers and Premium Steel Tweezers.


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