At Blades & Bristles, we offer the best razors to ensure the best shaving experience. Our Hero Razors were originally designed to be used by troops stationed abroad to give a clean, close shave. Now, the same razors are available to all of our customers at! To get the most from your Hero Razor, we’ve compiled the following list of shaving tips:

Hero Razor– Quality, Not Quantity

More blades doesn’t necessarily mean a better shave. While many razor manufacturers claim that 4 or even 5 blades help get a “closer shave”, a greater number of blades can actually be bad for your skin. Although boasting 4 or more blades tends to be a common trend today, the best razors tend to have 1 to 3 high quality, steel blades to get the closest shave possible without risking razor burn or ingrown hair follicles.

– Keep it Smooth

Lubrication has a major effect on shave quality. For the best shave, we recommend using a razor with a lubricating strip and your favorite shaving cream. Our Hero Razors come equipped with a lubricating strip – for our monthly subscribers, you’ll receive new blade packs monthly. With sharp, new blades and a fresh lubrication strip, you’ll get the closest shave possible. For an even better experience, we recommend our all-natural shaving cream and shaving bars!

– Change Your Blades

Our subscription packages are intended to keep your razors fresh and consistent. We believe every shave with our Hero Razors should feel like the first one – which is why we deliver fresh packs to your door each month! Whether you shave daily, maintain a beard or mustache or just want the occasional shape-up, Blades & Bristles recommends keeping your blades fresh!

To learn more about how our products help you get the best shave possible, visit our Shop or Contact Us to learn more about Blades & Bristles. We are America’s Arsenal in Hygiene for Heroes!

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